When I met A’Lisha, I was immediately impressed with her physical fitness. She was truly a walking advertisement. I had been on a weight loss journey, but I had hit a plateau and had no scale movement. A’Lisha educated me on weight training and gave some food guidance. I started to see my body change and feel stronger than I ever have. A’Lisha continued to work with me and on building muscle and encourage me when I hit standstills. Even after moving away A’Lisha has continued to check in and give me encouragement through training challenges! It was and continues to be an amazing experience to work with A’Lisha from Fanci Fitness!












I originally met A’Lisha via her Facebook page, Fanci Fitness, at a time when I was struggling in my own fitness journey. She was a constant source of motivation and inspiration to me. I would look to her and her posts on a daily basis for motivation. I loved her positivity and drive. One day, I entered a contest that she was holding on her page for one month of free online personal training and, much to my surprise, I was chosen as the winner. I was excited to get started. A’Lisha is very professional and thorough and before beginning any training sessions, she had me fill out some forms about my lifestyle and health history, as well as had me complete various fitness tests to assess my level of fitness. I work out at home in my basement “gym” and after advising A’Lisha of all of the equipment I owned, the amount of time I had each week to dedicate to fitness and my fitness goals, she designed personal workouts for me. Even though it was not on site personal training, A’Lisha was always available to answer any questions I had and kept in touch with me on a weekly basis to see how I liked the workouts. After the one month free was complete, I had A’Lisha continue with an additional month of workouts for me. I have gotten to know A’Lisha quite well and I will continue to have her create workouts for me in future.


A’Lisha “Fanci” McKinney has been my trainer since July 2014. A’Lisha is an extremely fit, knowledgeable and dedicated trainer who sets a good example and is an inspiration for developing good muscle tone and staying healthy.

A’Lisha uses her knowledge and love of fitness to teach you and explain each phase; eating healthy, exercise, sleep, attitude, and motivation to help you fully understand how to work out properly and encourages you to push yourself. She willingly shares her expertise as well as her struggles to make the sessions fun, challenging, and a learning experience. She is easy to relate to and has a great sense of humor which helps to motivate me.

Fitness is a passion for A’Lisha and it is infectious. She is educated, smart and keeps up with the latest in physio and nutritional research. She knows the difference between urban folklore and hard science and uses her knowledge to craft an effective program for you. She does not use a cookie cutter approach where a trainer just uses your age and weight then looks up a stock program on a computer. She pays attention to your goals, habits, metabolic type, and physical abilities.

My progress has been slow due to a few factors, but A’Lisha has been there to talk me though my frustrations and to help me see the positive. I’ve lost 15 lbs and 8 inches and I’m still going strong!


I have worked with A’lisha McKinney, aka Fanci Fitness, for approximately 8 months. I hired A’Lisha, because I wanted to obtain the progress she had in gaining muscle and strength, but to also tone up unwanted “baggage” areas. I consider myself an amateur weightlifter, my father introduced me at a very young age and I continued to lift weights since that time, in short I never hired or even considered hiring a personal trainer. After watching A’Lisha place in not one, but 2 body building competitions, I knew then as I have been shown, she really knows her stuff. Since working with A’Lisha I have been pushed to limits I would not have considered before and have obtained strength I had only dreamed about, I haven’t tightened up all those areas I’ve mentioned but I am closer to those goals than I ever thought possible since hiring her as a personal trainer. For each time I want to quit, curse her out under my breath, or think I can’t go any further, A’Lisha is there telling me otherwise and I believe her when she tells me so. Her knowledge of the human body and nutrition are on par with a university professor, and if she doesn’t have an answer she gets back to me with and accurate one with an hour if not a day. I really enjoy working with my personal trainer and have a lot of fun in the process of making achievements. I also believe what sets A’Lisha apart is not only her dedication but she takes her clients goals personally, a gain for her clients is a gain for her, a loss for her clients is a loss she feels as much as they do. I recommend to my friends, only if they seriously want a change of lifestyle.

Elizabeth Peake











When I first started training with Alisha McKinney my body was beginning to take the shape of what I wanted it to be. There were something’s that I still wanted some help with. Alisha and I focused a lot on my upper and lower back because I needed to strengthen it. We also worked on my shoulders because they were not as strong or broad as I wanted them to be.  Alisha helped me with my form when I was working out. I stand taller, and walk with more confidence now. Alisha has made a difference on how much I have progressed in the gym. I would recommend Alisha to anyone that is seeking to tone their body or lose weight.

Kevin Fraze











Alisha trained me for a better part of a year. I learned so much. Apart from exercise , she helped me realize my strengths and weaknesses. She pushed me and motivated me to reach my goals. Her methods are affective and realistic. I gained so much knowledge and confidence. I have and still do recommend her to anyone interested in a personal trainer. I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.