The goal of Fanci Fitness is to show you no obstacle is too difficult to overcome and no dream is too big. Fanci Fitness is making a commitment to you; to provide you with the tools and information to help you achieve your goals. With your hard work, perseverance, and determination; you can, make your dreams into reality and be the hero of your own story. Fanci Fitness is dedicated to proving that  being a superhero is not all about capes and super powers. We all have the power that drives us to be strong, confident, and  become the “Hero” we were meant to be. Fanci Fitness has a passion to assist you in unlocking that Hero within you, whoever they may be. “Fanci” is more than the Heroine of A’Lisha’s story, she IS a symbol of power to overcome adversity and the motivation to shoot for your dreams.

She represents YOU!