fanci fitness about meA’Lisha is a current NPC Bikini Competitor and has been an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer since 2012 and a AFPA Post-Rehabilitative Exercise Speicalist since 2015. At the age of ten months old, A’Lisha had an accident and due to it was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. For most of her life she lived a very limited existence, in constant fear of having another seizure. In 2011, she decided to stop living in fear and go after her dreams, no matter how long it may take her to accomplish them.

She began with the program Insanity, finishing it twice. She then decided to take up running and completed many races and obstacles courses. A’Lisha loved the feeling of not just accomplishing her goals, but surpassing them, and wanted to share that gift with others, so she decided to become a Personal Trainer.

In 2012, A’Lisha completed her Personal Trainer certification course where she met an individual who saw potential in her as a competitor. It was then that she decided to train and compete as an NPC Bikini Competitor. She has since participated in 4 shows and plans to continue competing.

A’Lisha serves as an advocate and inspiration for people who live with Epilepsy and other disorders, giving the hope that even though they have a disability, they can still live their dreams. She often says, “In order to be the hero of your story you must overcome your greatest obstacle….You.”